Video Conferencing Facilities

Video conferencing can provide an ideal alternative to spending both time and money travelling to and from meetings, depositions and other engagements. With all the benefits of personal meetings, Video Conferencing can increase your company’s productivity by keeping employees close to home as well as saving resources that would otherwise go to travel expenditures. CONCEPTS AV Integration has on-site Video Conferencing Facilities at their corporate offices in Omaha, NE. Located at 4610 South 133rd Street Suite 106, CONCEPTS AV Integration provides customers with everything needed to hold an effective video conference.

We have two video conferencing rooms to fit your specific needs. Our smaller video conferencing room provides space for up to four people while our larger room can hold up to twenty individuals. The larger video conferencing room allows for the use of peripherals including digital presenters, DVD/VCR players, projection systems, whiteboards and flip charts. Additionally, a DVD recording of your meeting can be made in both the larger and smaller video conferencing rooms.

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